Free Automotive Classifieds Now Ready!

Yes, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me but I’m back! What happened to me? Please don’t ask, but good news is I’m alive and healthy and back into helping my fellow technicians. I have some new stuff coming your way… and to start, here’s the first one.

I’ve just finished building an easy-to-use, all online, highly search engine friendly Auto Technician Classifieds. All ads will also post to’s Classifieds Facebook Page here.

For the first month until September 15th 2001, the Classifieds will be completely FREE for all to post their ads.

The Classifieds is specifically for all-things auto, truck and auto body. All ads posted are manually reviewed during the free month period.

What can you advertise:

  • Help Wanted for the auto, truck and auto body fields – all job levels.
  • Individuals seeking employment in the same fields above.
  • Sell vehicles of all kinds.
  • Sell or trade tools, parts and accessories.
  • Advertise your services.
  • Advertise your schools.
  • Promote your events and shows like car shows and swap meets for example.
  • Any other misc. industry related ads.

What makes it so special?

  1. This classifieds is entirely automotive and truck related and unlike most anything else online.  It was created to be HIGHLY search engine-friendly.
  2. Have your own admin area to manage/update/renew your ads with a click. No phone calls needed for setup.
  3. Discounted Membership Packages to place UNLIMITED ADS for 90 days, 180 days and even 1 year.
  4. Your audience is like-minded and looking for what you have to sell.
  5. Google Map of exact location.
  6. Contact form directly on the ad.
  7. Syndicated ads to Facebook and Twitter as well as the home page!
  8. All transactions done through PayPal or with credit cards through PayPal.

Who will see it?

Our website gets hundreds of visitors from around the world each and every day. Visitors such as the general public researching techs or shops, other techs who are already members, or those just keeping up to date with Pete Meier’s Motor Age articles. Not to mention just about every industry representative from every type from every corner of the planet who also monitor us through Facebook and Twitter too.

Got some extra tools? Selling a vehicle? Go ahead and grab some stuff to sell or post your resume online today! You have nothing to lose. Remember, it’s free to post anything up until September 15th, 2011. If you have ads listed beyond that date, they are still valid and cost nothing except to renew. Best of luck to you all!

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