Our Mission

  1. For The Auto Repair Industry: Help stimulate the growth of future automotive repair shops and professionals by providing a free online promotional vehicle just for them.
  2. For The Automotive Professional: To promote continued education and technical comprehension skills needed to grow value with their employers and themselves.
  3. For The Consumer: To provide consumers in need of auto repair or maintenance a better, more reliable online resource to research and locate their best choice of an auto repair mechanic or technician suited for their vehicle.

AutoTechnician.org’s Outlook

Finding qualified auto repair professionals isn’t easy for anyone. Even worse, fewer men and women are choosing this profession every year. Whether it’s young adults being pushed towards “white collar” type jobs or the perception of being an auto repair technician is just “not very becoming”, automotive repair shops are feeling the strain of finding qualified technicians. As years go by and fewer become automotive repair professionals, what will happen? Who will fix your vehicles? How much more will it cost you have to pay due to a shortage of skilled labor?

AutoTechnician.org was created in part to help raise awareness to this crisis as well as promote our existing professional auto mechanics and auto technicians and make them more accessible to everyone. Upholding the true spirit of the Internet, this website intends to provide this information resource as free as possible. Everyone wins: customers find good service professionals, employers get more customers and mechanics get more work to secure their jobs. Best of all, it’s FREE.

Lifespan of a Technician

Right now, too many current auto repair professionals are finding it more and more difficult to maintain long term employment in one place. In fact many move from shop to shop very often. This isn’t necessarily due to lack of work or difficulty in keeping up with technology as many believe. Some of the most skilled and experienced senior mechanics (preferred to be labeled technicians) do face a reading and comprehension challenge with needing to know how to interpret wiring diagrams, repair bulletins and general electronic repair documentation. Computer skills and information sharing is a must-have for today’s automotive repair technician. Those who choose to ignore it will simply continue to struggle and fade away.

Working conditions can be tough too. Extreme hot and cold, dangerous tools and procedures in use, competitive pay systems, constant changes in technology and the need for new tools, etc. One thing is for sure, this field isn’t for everyone, but the best all have one thing in common – they enjoy what they do and do it well and therefore get paid well doing it.

It’s a Skill Thing

Whether or not you’re a man or a woman and into repairing things yourself or not, you can understand when I say “these guys are good”. Automotive technicians and mechanics who excel in this field have a gift – the gift to use their hands and logic at the same time. Easier said than done. You cannot learn that “gift” in school, though many try.  Let’s face it… most people today couldn’t fix their way out of a paper bag let alone understand how something technical like your car’s engine computer management systems work. We all just expect it to work and take it for granted until that stupid little “check engine” lamp on the dashboard comes on. In a world of every convenience at our fingertips, we’ve forgotten how those skilled laborers built everything around us we enjoy today. Without those skilled laborers, where will we be tomorrow?

Everyone needs a great automotive technician! Know a really good auto mechanic or technician not listed in this directory? Help them and help yourself by spreading the word, or better yet, simply send them an email with our website link. Please help us help you while growing the future of auto repair.

Learn more about AutoTechnician.org and it’s founders here.

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