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(As of Feb. 2017, our Directory is undergoing new construction due to a catastrophic glitch!)
AutoTechnician.org does not certify technicians or regulate them in any way. We also do not charge testing or membership fees. We simply allow professional automotive technician members free online exposure within their industry; available for anyone seeking their expertise. A public feedback system and a 5 star rating system is also in place for each member’s profile. Our website is member-driven and sponsor-funded. The founder and contributors fund the website also.

AutoTechnician.org simply provides an exclusive online promotional resource via our national directory – for free – to anyone capable of passing our rather difficult qualification test. Experienced auto repair techs are very are difficult to find, are very high in demand, and are often responsible for doing the most difficult repair service – diagnostic work. Members of our organization have proven to be, in our opinion, some of the finest and most experience auto repair professionals available.

AutoTechnician.org’s is positioning itself to be a premier resource for locating and promoting the best auto technicians and mechanics to the general public. In return, the best auto techs and mechanics will have a new resource to attract new customers too.

About the Testing
The best technicians out there not only know how their way around a vehicle, they also know how to approach and diagnose most problems that many others with limited experience cannot. For this reason, we pre-screen our members with a very difficult, real world assessment test created by auto technicians and strictly based on diagnostics – the most difficult aspect of auto repair. The test questions change regularly and are member-driven to ensure a real-world experience to test takers. All questions are scrutinized first by our contributor panel to ensure they are generic and fair.

If you are good or great with any or all of the following, then AutoTechnician.org is looking for you!

  • General gasoline engine performance diagnosis (diesel and hybrids to be added soon)
  • General vehicle electrical diagnosis
  • General vehicle charging and starting system diagnosis
  • General steering and suspension diagnosis
  • General vehicle climate control diagnosis
  • General vehicle brake system diagnosis
  • General drivetrain diagnosis

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Why diagnostic testing? A true professional automotive technician knows how to combine experience with their senses (sight, feel, smell and sound) and think their way through a problem; not throw parts at it until it’s fixed. They normally find and repair problems faster than most with very few mistakes. They are the best of the best, the hardest in the industry to find and the one you would want servicing your vehicle. That’s why.

Be listed for free with the best of the best. The pre-qualification testing for technicians wanting a listing in the directory is based on diagnostic skills needed to be considered a working professional in the field. It is NOT an easy test. There are many automotive technicians working on vehicles every day who may not be able to pass this test. We are searching for quality, not quantity.

Here’s an example of how membership works for technicians: Let’s say you’re a good GM tech and you’re great with late model Corvette problems. A Corvette owner searches and finds you simply because you mentioned Corvettes in your member profile as being your specialty area. This customer is very likely to contact you and arrange an appointment. A satisfied customer can also provide positive feedback and rate you with 5 stars so other potential customers will feel better about coming to you too.

Harness the power of the Internet. Build your own online portfolio based on experience, customer feedback and ratings. Your membership listing will go everywhere you go to compliment or serve as your professional résumé.

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What Exactly Do I Have To Do To Become A Member?

Pass a 25 question multiple choice test with an 80% or better. Take the test in the privacy of your own home if you choose, whenever you want to. The test is taken and scored right here on this website. Your results come immediately upon completion to your email.

Yes, I can hear some of you complaining already… “a test doesn’t measure ability with hands-on skills“. That’s true, and no test is better than real world experience.  But also true is lesser skilled professionals wouldn’t likely be able to think their way through the problems presented on this test unless they’ve “been there and done that.”

This test is a little different than what you’re traditionally used to. There are no TRUE/FALSE answers, no “Tech A and Tech B” scenarios, and no trivia questions. You have to THINK your way through this test!

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What’s On The Test?

The test is based on actual common diagnostic and troubleshooting scenarios presented to real working technicians who were surveyed for our test development.  Scenarios include no-start problems, electrical problems, brake problems and more. The test uses generic vehicles only.

This test was carefully developed and scrutinized by actual veteran technicians to ensure the questions and answers reflect the thought processes and diagnostic skills a Class ‘A’ or Class ‘B’ level technician would possess. It’s not a trivia test, and it’s not an entry level mechanic’s test either. We feel this test gives our directory a very accurate basis for qualification and helps to filter out those who are weak in certain diagnostic areas.

What Is The Directory?

The AutoTechnician.org Directory is a place for you to build your own online portfolio including your years of experience, certifications, specific types of vehicles you service, specific types of problems you’re experienced with and more. Tell your customers about your listing so they can leave you feedback and rate you from 1 to 5 stars. All comments are moderated to avoid abuse. People can search the directory, find your profile based on what you know and what you do best. Unlike normal directories, this one focuses on YOU and not just the shop you work for.

Attract customers to your shop based on your experience, feedback and certain aspects of repair and service that YOU define in YOUR listing. In other words, better chances of getting the type of work you like the most and… becoming the best online marketing tool your shop ever had.

How Membership Benefits You – The Next Best Tool In Your Toolbox!

  • Customers search for their needs and match your to their profile. So showcase your technical or administrative skills, certifications, licenses, work experience, specialties you do best, the types of vehicle you like to work on and more. It’s free advertisement so you have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. The basic listing is FREE to all qualified mechanics and technicians.
  • Why not have a way to track customer’s feedback? If you should ever leave your current shop, your profile stays with you. The more positive customer feedback you get, the more trustworthy you’ve become to future customers searching for what you do — and not just to customers, but potential employers as well. And yes, all feedback is moderated by AutoTechnician.org support to filter out any abuse.

Why Are We Doing This For You? Well, We’re Fighting Back!

All of us at AutoTechnician.org have lived in your shoes. We know just how hard it is to:

  • Be happy with what you do
  • Get paid for what you know and can do
  • Be happy where you work

Something that has always bugged me for as long as I’ve been in the field. The public eye often perceives us as “untrustworthy” to say the very least. They’re correct most of the time when they say “it’s so hard to find a really good mechanic”.

If you make a good living as a professional automotive technician, and you’ve been around for a while, then you know the real truth. The more honest you are, the better. Real customers just want the truth. When they know it’s the truth, they trust you and return for more work. Educating customers make customers for life. It’s not as difficult to pay for something when you fully understand why, or at least feel comfortable knowing that you do. Customers come to your shop for YOU! Sure, maybe they got a coupon or something but that’s just to try you on for size.

The Internet has made the world a very small place. It has allowed professional technicians to have a very powerful voice and that’s what this website is all about – your voice. Pass the test and register for the membership directory. Use the Directory. We made it just for you in appreciation for what you do. We need to have more skilled technicians in our future. Together we can help make our present and future better for everyone.

If you haven’t done so already, take the test now and become a member today and help us help you and help our industry’s future.

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    My name is Jessica and I work with Econoheat. They’re a company that sell waste oil heaters and furnaces.

    I was looking over your website and saw that you have a blog:http://www.autotechnician.org/the-mech-tech-blog/. I wanted to reach out to see if I could write an article for your blog. I have a few ideas that I believe would be a good fit and informative to your readers.

    Here are some topics I have written about in the past.

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    5 Things You Should Stop Throwing Away

    If you like any of these I can see if its available or do something similar. Let me know which works best for you.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this email and hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you and have a great day!

    Best regards,
    Jessica Kane – Outreach
    Econoheat, Inc.
    5714 E. First Ave.
    Spokane, WA 99212

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