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John Kelly, ASE Certified Master Technician

John Kelly, Founder and former Master Technician

As the founder of AutoTechnician.org, I’m very excited and proud to welcome you to AutoTechnician.org!

“I want to make this very clear: this website is not about me at all. This organization is about giving a voice and a free resource to all of those professional men and women automotive technicians out there who deserve this recognition for striving to be a working professional. I only ask that you support them too. Tell pros about this site and leave feedback in the directory for your pro member. “

Let’s answer your first question: “What makes me qualified to create this website for technicians?”  My credentials.

I’ll be the first to proclaim that I do not consider myself to be the very best, and I never will. However don’t get me wrong. I held my own quite well for over 25 years and wore just about every hat that someone in my field could wear. I’m somewhat inactive now in the automotive repair field but I still contract myself to local shops for teaching and diagnostic consulting from time-to-time. I’m the developer and administrator for this website but I’ve also shared my thoughts with my co-founders – those I’ve mentored under in my career and influenced the lives of thousands of other working professionals as well. These guys are some of the best respected minds and personalities I know in the country. Each has been instrumental in helping me with this initiative.

Over time, I expect to see the list of contributors grow. The more experienced minds involved with AutoTechnician.org, the better it will be for our industry. I openly invite your participation if you’re interested in our growth. Contact me.

About John Kelly

I’ve been a Class ‘A’ technician and worked in independent auto repair shops just about my whole career. I’ve taught advanced level courses and seminars for working professionals up and down the North Eastern corridor. But regardless of what I know and did, I’ve met many techs who are more experienced than myself, and some who will have forgotten more stuff than I’ll ever know! That’s the whole point of this website. It’s to do our best to help promote the best technicians all over – for free.

I’ve been almost everything in this business (beginning as a 14 year old kid sweeping the shop floors, putting away tools and asking questions), a mechanic, doing some auto body repair, a certified master technician, a shop manager, a divisional level manager and a technical instructor for advanced diagnostics and automotive basics. So for someone who doesn’t really enjoy cars all that much as a hobby, I’ve sure taken the long road encompassed by them! You read it correctly; I’m not a car junkie anymore. I used to be but times change. Regardless, I’ve always loved the challenge to know why and how something works and that’s what kept me interested all these years.

I’ve taught auto diagnostics, basic and advanced level and several other areas of the field for close to 9 years. I’ve written non-published course books for my students for just about every topic I’ve taught. If it weren’t for corporate politics, upper management changes every other month and non-stop traveling, I’d still be teaching today.

I moved away from teaching and went back into the shop again in 2005 where I feel most comfortable. It’s been fun for me actually. I had the opportunity to use all that experience and had the pleasure to teach at the same time. There’s nothing like really knowing something: how it works, how to diagnose it when it’s not right, and how to fix it. I realized just how far my technical knowledge has come along! I think many people can relate to “satisfaction upon completion” with no matter what it is they do.

I moved to the Rochester area in December 2008 from the Philadelphia area. I worked part time at a local independent shop named Professional Auto Care in Penfield, NY for a while but I had to leave after needing more time for my quickly growing web design and search engine optimization business. AutoTechnician.org is a project that I’ve finally found the time to get going and very glad I did!

Summary of Credentials and Certifications either Current or Once Held

  • Over 25 years in the automotive service and repair industry including over eleven years of management experience: six at a district level, one and one half at the director level
  • ASE® Master Auto Technician since 7/91
  • ASE® L1, X-1 certifications.
  • ASE® L2 and T1, T2 and T3 through T8 certifications.
  • ASPIRE, Inc. (now Delphi®) Train The Trainer certification – for training and certifying Emission Repair Technicians
  • Registered NY Safety and Emissions Inspector
  • Instructor for PA Emissions Inspector & Repair Technician licensing
  • PA Master Emissions Repair Technician
  • PA Safety and Emissions Inspector
  • NJ Emissions Repair Technician
  • MA Repair Technician
  • DE Emission Education Program (DEEP) Repair Technician
  • MACS® (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) certified Instructor
  • “Effective Communication And Consulting” training from Booher Consulting, Inc. Dallas, Texas
  • “Creative Training Techniques” training from The Bob Pike Group, CTT International
  • Numerous other diagnostic, technical, and sales-related seminars across the country

Many ASE® certifications I’ve let expire due to lack of time, some are still current. I plan to reinstate those ASE’s® again soon.

My Specialties

Since 1984, I’ve been exposed to and worked on just about every type of import and domestic vehicle including trailers, R/V’s, boats, motorcycles and more while employed in independent repair shops.

  • My niche is electrical and advanced engine performance diagnostics.
  • I prefer import cars and light trucks but have experience with most makes.
  • I enjoy any kind of diagnostic work. Basically, if it’s challenging and something most other mechanics and techs wouldn’t want to touch, I’ll do it.

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