Google, Bing and Yahoo Favoring

One of the most significant benefits we have to offer our members is beginning to come to fruition. That benefit is your professional member exposure to the public.’s website has been created with search engines in mind – also called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization., in less than 3 months, has achieved the top of page #1 placement in Google’s search results for several keyword search term combinations involving the words “auto technicians“. For example, go to Google and search “auto technicians” or “find auto technicians“.  As of the time of this post, ranks #2 in the organic search results under the ‘.gov’ website.  The search term “auto technician directoryis #1 in Google, Yahoo ad Bing — the top three search engines in the world. We also out-rank ASE and IATN too!

So Why Should You Care?

If you’re wondering why this is so important, just know the website was designed to attract people who are researching auto repair. We live in a world where everyone does their homework online before they buy. We all know that a customer who knows and trusts you is often the best kind of customer. A trusting customer doesn’t normally debate every single detail of your estimate. They are often repeat customers and they will recommend you to others. Your member profile helps them with their research. It’s the single-most important feature of this organization next to qualification standards.

Also remember we’re rebuilding the ‘auto mechanic stigma’. There is a very good reason the search term “auto mechanic” is not optimized for search engines on this website. Our members are professional automotive technicians and that’s how the public will perceive you as well. We’re helping to change that old stigma while offering an alternative, modern method to find talent and trust in our industry.

The next series of posts will be dedicated to enhancing your profile’s search potential. Stay tuned, and best wishes to you all.

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Auto Technician Membership is Growing Fast!

Since my last post on December 27th where there were only 26 testers. The average score was just over 80% – barely passing. Now it’s been one solid month with a whole bunch of new activity on the site. Special thanks goes out to Peter Meier and the team over at Motor Age for promoting our organization and for offering their training material including videos and articles to share with our members.

As of this post date, 167 testers total have gone through with a few taking it more than once (limit 3X). The average test score hangs in at 78.65% just below failing. Only 10 members received 100%. This is a very important statistic. It shows the test is doing exactly what it should be doing: finding professionals to promote to the public. If the average score was passing, the test wouldn’t be considered “real” enough.

The membership directory has grown leaps and bounds by our estimation. A mere 74 members doesn’t look like much now until you consider forecasting only 6-8 new members per month the first year! When investigation as to why this grew so quickly to our delight, word-of-mouth between fellow pros is mostly responsible.

Feedback from industry professionals and members alike is extremely positive. I received several emails and phone calls from members thanking us for this new organization and it’s truly heart-warming to say the least. They recognize that we care, that we’re not trying to take their money, and that we know who experienced professionals really are; the one’s you would want to service your vehicle. There is a big difference between one who slaps on brakes, tires and other parts vs. another who knows in a split second by nature just what the cause of that symptom is you described by saying “there is something wrong with…”. is looking to make a change in this industry and our members are the voice of change. We want to change they way professionals are perceived, respected and thought of as employees. That’s a tall order, but we have to start somewhere. Once the industry begins to see all of it’s best field techs have chosen to be a part of one large organization, a technician’s voice will soon become more and more important, and likely, so will salaries.

If you know of a professional auto technician who should be listed in this directory too, make sure you spread the word!

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Finding The Right Auto Repair Center

In my last post, I gave the pros and cons of different automotive repair shop types.  So as promised, I said I’d read between the lines and help you decide what is best.

You need your vehicle serviced – honestly, safely and at the best possible cost. This we all agree upon. What we don’t agree upon is where to go and how to find this. My mission with is to help alleviate this anxiety somewhat by using the Internet as a research portal and feedback system to narrow your search more productively. I also want to offer exposure to those deserving men and women out there who do a great job of keeping our vehicles running smooth while weeding out those who don’t.

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