Auto Mechanic Caught Screwing Up on Video

I just received this special little gem of a video from a good friend. He’s a parts driver for a national parts chain inĀ  my area and often tells me nightmarish and humorous stories about the stuff he sees going on in a couple of the shops he delivers to.

Now obviously not every shop is bad, and he knows that too. In fact, this video completely goes against what I believe in promoting… until I reached the end of it.

Anyway, you have to wonder about the comeback rate in this one particular shop. My buddy has video of a certain tech’s personal shop joke – a “diagnostic wheel” which hangs on his side box. Nothing new to most of us really. We’ve seen that before in some form or another. But that isn’t why he edited, published and sent me the video you’re about to see. It was WAY MORE than that. Check it out for yourself!

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