Automotive Technician Public Awareness Campaign is growing much faster than expected considering it’s only been about 2 months so far. With that in mind, it’s time to begin the first phase of public promotion for our current and future members.

To help accomplish this task, we’re looking for voluntary testimonials from our current directory members. What I intend to do is place your testimonials prominently not only throughout this website, but within all of our organization’s public correspondence including Twitter and Facebook campaigns, blogs, forums and  future media interviews and press releases.

Go here to submit your testimonial please.

Your testimonials and opinions are powerful. They reflect real thoughts of professional techs and inspire others. The larger this directory gets, the more traffic it receives and the more people will be researching your expertise.

Testimonials should reference your thoughts on:

  • The overall organization’s idea to include qualified professionals only
  • The quality and credibility of the test
  • The impact free publicity can have for you personally

Thank you in advance for you participation. Go here to submit your testimonial please.

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