FREE Online Training Classes for Technicians Beginning Feb 24th

Yesterday I received an email request from Craig Truglia over at TST – Technicians Service Training. Craig requested being added to our Training Resources page and I didn’t hesitate to do so. They offer high quality technical training and have many of the same goals as We are proud to promote them.

TST is a 501(c)(3) educational not-for-profit organization and now listed on our Training Resources page. The following is from their “About” page:

  • Keeping our fellow technicians up to date with the latest technology.
  • Providing quality training seminars and educational materials at a reasonable price.
  • Delivering practical, useful repair information.
  • Keeping technicians informed of industry trends.
  • Increasing consumer awareness of our skills and professionalism

Peter Meier, Technical Editor for Motor Age recently announced they are partnering with TST to host the first of four FREE online and interactive live training webinars.

The first class is “Voltage Drop Testing Techniques” and registration is open now. As a member of, you already know the value of voltage drop test. After all, you’ve been tested on it just to become a member. However you or someone you know may need this class to sharpen your awareness of this fantastic tool and I highly recommend it based on the quality of instructors available for this class. And it’s FREE! Why wouldn’t you do it?

Learn more about the class and details of when and where here.

Register for the class free here.

Remember, this is absolutely free. Do your part and make sure others in your shop get involved with this. Everyone benefits from training and who know… may just save you a comeback from one of them someday!

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Starter Voltage Drop Test Explained in Plain English

As an instructor, I would see some techs in class cringe when they heard the words “voltage drop test” for testing poor starter circuit symptoms. It’s like I was shoving toothpicks up their fingernails! Funny thing is, once it’s understood, it’s used by every smart tech. It saves countless hours of trial and error and needless parts-swapping, and one Master Tech’s case (not me), 3 days of replacing batteries and starters and cleaning cable connections when it was just a bad ground cable internally. In fact, he even tested the battery cables off of the car with an ohm meter! Hmmm….!

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